Steer Manure Compost

The Best Manure Compost in the Northwest

At NorthWest Compost, we take the time to make certain that our steer manure is up to all the qualities and standards of the Washington State Department of Agriculture organic standards; only coming from the finest dairy cows in the state. We also want to insure that all of our customers have the best growing experience with our steer manure.

From our experienced crew to our fast shipping team, we always do our best to hand you over the freshest manure possible for your agriculture and other plants. Learn more about our steer manure by contacting us today.

NorthWest Compost Steer Manure

Essential Nutrients that Make Plants Healthy

Steer manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which mixes in with the soil to provide a necessary blend of nutrients for all plants. Nitrogen promotes leaf growth that gives plants it’s healthy color. Potassium promotes a healthy stalk so the plants are strong enough to support the fruits and vegetables they produce. Phosphorus enables the plants to grow stronger roots, produce flowers, and set fruits and vegetables for agriculture purposes.

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