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Quality is Key

We only use the highest quality equipment to bring you the finest agricultural compost products in the North West. With a hand full of products offered by NorthWest Compost, we also have the means to deliver and spread for you! Our machines are modern day, state of the art, and built exactly to the specifics of our needs. Our compost is produced to meet the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture organic standards.

Compost Products

While most companies use trammels with 1 inch screens, the owners of NorthWest were looking for a way to stand out from the competition while improving the industry and upgrading the performance of their compost products. The advantages of using a finer compost is that it can absorb and blend with the soil with greater ease in a shorter period of time, causing the soil to rich and break down at a faster rate. We use half inch screeners to deliver the highest quality and finest compost to your front door.

NorthWest Compost Steer Manure Products Cow

Steer Manure Compost

Our basic steer compost is ran through our compost turning machine a total of three times with resting periods between to ensure optimum rotting. The manure is also heated to kill harmful bacteria and pass inspections for quality and then certified for organics.


Separated Solids

 Cleaner products from dairy cows, the manure is washed off with water and sent into a separator. After separating the product from the water, improving the PH balance (for nurseries and vineyards) it is then put through the same turning and rotting process as regular steer manure compost.

NorthWest Compost Steer Manure Products Separator Tank

Centrifuge Steer Manure

This type of compost is a nitrogen-rich low salt content manure compost. Separating solids and liquids in the process. The salt remains in solutions removing the before composting products. The solid waste is then formed to windrows and turned to meet the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture organic requirements.

Services Provided

Let NorthWest take care of every compost need you obtain! With our experience and high quality machinery, we guarantee that we can provide you with the best services from the second you pick up your phone, to spreading in your field. No job is too big for us to handle. It’s about time your agriculture got what it deserves. We only offer compost products that meets our quality and organic standards. We really are the best in the North West.

NorthWest Compost Steer Manure Products Retournuer Topturn-X53-Komptech

Komptech X53

  • 330 horse power CAT C9 Diesel engine
  • 0-195 Drum RPM
  • Speeds of up to 4.4 MPH

This thing is ready to eat anything that is thrown in its path. When you have 330 HP and can only travel 5 miles an hour, all that power has to be transferred somewhere. The Komptech X series is a heavy-duty, buckle resistant compost turning machine. With separate circuit hydraulic drives, the drum is armored up and able to have various speeds and is also reversible.

TR626 Wildcat Screener

  • 125 Horse power
  • 2400 RPM
  • 180 cubic yards an hour

These industrial trammels are built by the user, for the user. With a large mouth hopper and a lower ground clearance, we sift the compost through a half inch screen to ensure the quality of our product is of the highest standard. Our front loader drops massive amounts of steer compost into our trammels everyday. Needless to say, we can fill orders with ease.

NorthWest Compost Steer Manure Products Wildcat Screener
NorthWest Compost Steer Manure Products Compost Spreader

L503464 Compost Spreader

  • 34 inch Conveyor
  • 50 degree Side Walls
  • 30 inch Spinners

The most versatile and best built spreader on the market, the L503464 Spreader is a step ahead of the competition. With a 34” conveyor belt, 50 degree side walls, and two 30” spinners, this massive truck was made to push loads and loads of product with better flow. 118 inches wide and 4 heavy duty industrial tires, there is no need to trust anyone else when it comes to laying down perfection.

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