Centrifuge Steer Manure

The Centrifuge Process

We offer a few different compost products that are sure to fit any farmers need. Our centrifuge compost process ensures a nutrient-packed, high quality solution to your agricultural growth needs.  We believe that you get out what you put into your product. That is why we only feed our cows natural feed, with no preservatives or GMOs.  Thus making the compost rich in vitamins and nutrients. Steer manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which mixes in with the soil to provide a necessary blend of nutrients for all plants. Nitrogen promotes leaf growth that gives plants it’s healthy color. Potassium promotes a healthy stalk so the plants are strong enough to support the fruits and vegetables they produce. Phosphorus enables the plants to grow stronger roots, produce flowers, and set fruits and vegetables for agriculture purposes.

centrifuge tank diagram

The Centrifuge Compost Benifits

This type of compost is a nitrogen-rich low salt content manure compost. Separating solids and liquids in the process. The salt remains in solutions removing the before composting products. The solid waste is then formed to windrows and turned to meet the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture organic requirements.

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