About NorthWest Compost

Born & Thriving in the Evergreen State

We’re called NorthWest Compost for a reason, and that’s because we live and breathe in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We are proud that all our facilities are local to Mattawa and the Tri Cities area, and wouldn’t have it any other way. We have all grown up by the Columbia River, and will continue to grow our business where we thrive the most.

Northwest Compost Washington State Map

Quality is Our Promise. Results is Our Guarantee.

Our goal everyday is to strive to make the best compost products for all organic and produce farmers in the Pacific Northwest. Everything we do is revolves around you, and our other valuable customers.

We never cut corners with our manuer, and will take our time to make the best quality product out there. We will also ship it to you with our own trucking line, so you don’t have to worry about a ‘middle man’ being involved in any process.

We value your business, so if you’re not satisfied with any part of our business, we will do our best to make certain that you trust us to be part of your farming and growing experience.

– Junior Cruz

Founder & CEO of NorthWest Compost

Our Manure

Using old methods that have been put into use for decades, all our steer manure products are slowly processed to exceed your expectations. Plants love our manure, and you will love that your agriculture will love it just as much.



No need to worry about a third party handling your manure products, because we have our own shipping company, D&K Transport, to do it for you. With our shipping expertise, you will be able to receive your product efficiently.

NorthWest Compost Shipping


Combined with our traditions is the new technology and working vehicles we implement to help process our manure at a more efficient rate than ever before, while still keeping our guaranteed quality that we promise to all our customers.

NorthWest Compost Technology

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